The Campervan Collective, Vol. 1

by Heather Waters

Released 2012
Released 2012
'The Campervan Collective. Volume 1' was recorded in South Africa during 2011/12 . Waters' songs spread a message of inspiration, determination and love through her contagious melodies and beautifully crafted lyrics..
Waters' latest album 'The Campervan Collective. Volume 1.' is not to be missed! ''The buzz around Heather’s new album derives from the simple fact that she is a brilliant songwriter. Her songs and performances burn with the energy that was commonplace back in the 1960’s. Waters sings of ‘revolution’ and entertains audiences with her foot-tapping folk songs, satires, and lyrical humour in a style nostalgic and unique.

Every soul relates to her honest, captivating and catchy lyrics and her songs give you no choice but to feel your darkness and your light, to indulge and embrace in the honesty of that feeling and to really immerse yourself in the moment, in the experience.This is what music is all about.Heather’s attitude and love for song puts her right up there with many musical greats, it’s like there’s a secret to unlocking a song, and she knows the answer.