Roadtripping is something of a lifestyle for Heather Waters, since the beginning of her career she has not stood still – Waters has performed her folk- rock guitar tunes in villages, towns & cities from Cape Town to Corsica!   Alone or with a band, Waters' expressive guitar rhythms, honest lyrics, and passionate energy draw you into her performances!   

2007   Lyrics in My Pocket (Full Length Album)

2008   Hope you are Happy (EP)

2009  Being on a Boat  (EP)

2010  The Money Came In Today (EP)

2011  The Little People (Single)

2012  The Campervan Collective (Full Length Album)

2015  Castles & Towers (Full Length Album)

2016 Nothing Going to Stop Us (Single) 

2017 Mozambiquan Rain (Single) 

2018 A Life Worth Living (Single) 

2018  Tear This Apart (Single) 

2018 Spotlight (Single) 

2020 Perfect World (Demo)

2020 A Long Way Home (Single)

2020 Slow Drive (Single)

A year after the release of Heather's first album 'Lyrics in my Pocket' (2007), ABC Broadcasts (USA) voted Heather ‘Best Artist in Style (Folk), and her song ‘Masquerade’ – ‘Best Song in Style’ (Folk), with two of her songs receiving regular airplay in UK and parts of USA and Europe.  Spending most of 2009 busking and performing live shows across the Mediterranean, Heather returned to SA where her acoustic trio were selected by PANSA (Performing Arts Network of South Africa), to perform at the FIFA 2010, WORLD CUP FOOTBALL celebrations in Cape Town.

Over the last decade, Heather Waters has been touring, writing and creating a definite style and sound to her work, her songs and performances burn with energy that was commonplace back in the 1960’s.  Touring in her 1975 VW Campervan, Waters sings of ‘love revolution’ and entertains audiences with her foot-tapping folk-rock music, lyrical humour and bare-foot pop-rock approach.

Heather's second album 'The Campervan Collective Volume 1' was recorded at Farmyard Studios in the Helderberg, South Africa during 2011/12. This album captured a truly fun and organic sound, the essence of what Heather Waters music is all about!   

'Rainbows' and 'Being on a Boat' were featured on ‘Billabong Girls Get Out There’ TV Series in South Africa.

Heather’s next offering named ‘Castles & Towers’, was released in December 2015.   Having spent the previous two years battling the onset of an immobilizing chronic illness, this album captured something more powerful than this determined and talented strawberry-haired girl ever released before.  'Castles & Towers' was recorded with the band in Cape Town, South Africa by multi-SAMA Award winning engineer and producer, Peter Pearlson. 

This collaboration was by far her greatest work to date, Heather and her band’s far-reaching assortment of influences — musical, cultural and biographical — are bold and unflinching, and work perfectly in conjuring an equal tally of powerful emotions in the listener.    It is a high spirited album that abandons any pretense of genre constraints.

''Heather Waters carves out her own personal folk-rock narrative with the release of her new album Castles and Towers. Waters creates an album that blends the sensibility of pop rock with the rambling nature of folk rock and injects it with the thought provoking nature of intelligent punk rock'' SA MUSIC SCENE

Following the release ‘Castles & Towers’, two of the singles topped the local Cape Town charts at Nr1, with the fan favourite ‘Pick Daisies’ holding its position for up to 10 weeks on various stations.

With the success of the single ‘Pick Daisies’ in 2016, Volkswagen South Africa mobilized this rousing musician with the 6th Generation Volkswagen Kombi Caravelle, for their tour around South Africa.  Recognising the iconic VW Volkswagen Kombi as a tribute to the lifestyle that the new single ‘Pick Daisies’ represents. Heather and her crew covered over 35 000km’s, touring South Africa and Mozambique with her single ‘Pick Daisies’ topping radio charts as far and fast as Volkswagen drove them.

 Collaboration was the theme for the most part of 2017/18.  Between festivals and shows, Waters took time out to collaborate with various Artists, with the aim of writing and producing songs away from her usual acoustic driven indie folk-rock style.   Working with Artists such as The Sequence Band, Craig Vee and Hands (Natali Shaked) this deemed as a successful move in Heather’s song-writing career, carving a new mature sound, exploring various genres through the releases of 'Mozambiquan Rain', 'A Life Worth Living', ‘Tear this Apart’ and 'Spotlight'

2019 took Waters was selected to join a music industry mentor-ship program in the USA, working with various music industry professionals, whilst visiting Nashville USA and the UK.

Ending the year with great gusto, Waters joined forces with Tanja Storm on Girls Rockin the Road Tour in South Africa summer 2019/2020, this dynamic duo was the perfect collaboration, blending their unique sounds of soul, jazz, indie folk, rock and reggae! 

From 'happy folk-rock' to 'nostalgic adult-contemporary', Heather Waters' latest releases caught the attention of a whole new audience during 2020/21.  Working remotely with producer Jo Ellis in Ladysmith, South Africa,  Waters released 'A Long Way Home' and 'Perfect World', both of which caught the attention of BBC Radio on BBC Upload during the pandemic and stunned her listeners, with two hauntingly emotional and thought-provoking songs.  Towards the end of 2020 Waters drops a more positive and etheral release,  'Slow Drive' .